Girls Weekend


This last weekend I took a much needed breaking from being mom, wife, and teacher. I went with my three best friends from high school to the Lake of the Ozarks. Two of us live in St. Louis and the other lives in Springfield, this is a good middle ground for all of us.

IMG_20141109_115643 (1)

I didn’t take a drop of schoolwork with me, I went and I enjoyed myself. After being with my Monster Child as much as I am, I thinking it is important for us moms and dads that homeschool to get away and take a break. I am not saying take a two day break, like I did. But I think a few hours for yourself every few weeks is a much needed requirement.


Taking the break allowed me to shut down, let my very taxed system rest, and then reboot all fresh. I am glad I did it and we are already planing next years getaway!


We did shopping and a winery. This is Shawnee Bluffs Winery, I highly recommend it.!



I got Tommy Hilfiger bag for $5.99 each! I also got a dress for $5!


Sunrise over the lake is amazing!

I am going to be working this week to moving my blog to a self hosted site. So bare with me!

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes!



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