Don Quixote


Shocking as it seems …………….. we do NOT use a curriculum for our schoolwork. I know shock and horror, right? A few of you might stop reading this now and judge us for it, that is ok we don’t mind. How we do our homeschooling works for us. What we do is follow along with the book What Your Fifth Grader Needs To Know and What your Sixth Grader Needs To Know. There are plenty of  free resources out there to help us out. This works for us, it also follows closely to what our local school district teaches.

In our Reading Unit, we are trying to read some classic works. We tried to learn about Romeo & Juliet, the basics of a tragedy. That went over well, NOT.  Next we read Tom Sawyer and he loved it. We are about and hour and a half south of Hannibal and will go up there in the spring, once we read Huckleberry Finn.

IMG_20140911_125047 (1)

One of the works that What Your Fifth Grader Needs to Know suggest is Don Quixote. Now, I never read this book but I read the excerpt from the book and thought he might just like this. We put in a reserve at the library for an unknown copy of the book and waited for it to come in. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was it the complete works but it was a graphic novel style book. Anyone who has a son that is between 9-14 years of age and is into graphic novels knows this is a huge draw!


Now the book was not light, it was a bit thick. But he powered through it and finished the whole thing in two days. In fact when we got to the end he was a bit disappointed. He didn’t want to stories to end. I asked him how he would have finished the stories, which led to a three-day storytelling adventure.


Last Friday we watched a movie I happen to find at our local library a movie about Don Quixote. It was actually a very cute and funny movie, go watch it!


Peace, Love, and Cupcakes



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