Just keep reading….

This kid loves to read and I think picking The Little Prince as our first book was a great choice. He is loving it and he is engaging me with conversation about the book.


Today in math we worked on our multiplication tables again. We still need to memorize them, it will make life easier later.  We also worked on reading a thermometer in Celsius and Fahrenheit,  this always counts as part of our science for the day. In math we also worked on number sense and did some research on the number billion.
Did you know it would take about 50 years to count to a billion?
A billion seconds ago was 1983, a billion minutes ago was 113 AD,  and a billion hours ago would put us 114,079 BC.
Do you know what a googol is? How about a googolplex? We do!!!


He had so much fun learning about similes and metaphors today. He was acting most of the ones he made up out.
The thunder growled like a cat.
The ocean sang like a whale.
The giraffe fell like a brick to the lion.

I think he did pretty good!

Our paper mache is still drying and will work on that tomorrow.


In social studies we worked on our map skills and I found out he can’t recognize the 7 continents. We will have to work on that.


We also made a cake and put our math skills to good use as I am a baker and bake in weights and not cups.  Had to figure out how much 20 ounces was in pounds.


We also did some life skills and made dinner for tonight and did some cleaning.

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