Point of no return…..

One of my favorite sayings is “The difference between being involved and committed is eggs and bacon. The chicken was involved, the pig was committed.”

Yesterday was the point of no return for us. The local school district started and I became a committed Homeschooling parent. I went from being an involved public school parent to being a committed homeschooling parent. I am not going to lie….. it is freaking me out a bit.

While we don’t start learning until August 18th, I am getting everything ready for that first week. We waited to start for many reasons. Last week Monster Child went on a camping trip with his best friend, so that week was out. This week his 10th grade sister was home two days before starting school on Wednesday. She has a tendency to be overbearing with him, even with me there. I didn’t want to start and have her get involved and upset him just as we are starting out. Then there was the options to start Wednesday, but we went against that as I don’t like a two day school week. We go to school Monday through Thursday. We will start classes on Monday and I need these extra days to finish getting everything ready.

I think I have things ready to go but then I start thinking I need to do more. Then I start freaking out as I start looking at all these website and gathering information, worksheets, and lesson and unit studies. I know I am over thinking it but I am nervous. I have never done this and the state of Missouri gives you very little guidance on what they require. I know my Monster Child is nervous and I try not to freak out around him, it will only add to the tension he may have.

I worry that I am not keeping him up with his peers and when he goes back to public school next year he will be missing something. I know that is highly unlikely but it is a fear none the less.

I guess we will do what is natural to us and what feels right. If we start off with one thing and it just doesn’t work for us, we will adapt. I will document what we work on and keep proof of his process. I have binders for just about everything. I guess that is all I can hope for. What I need to focus on is that he is learning, having fun, and we are working to get caught up and progress.

This blog is not for everywhere and it is more or less a journal for me on our adventure in this year long journey.


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